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Dunk Tanks Rentals

Dunk Tanks Rentals

Dunk Tank Rentals

Our dunk tanks and dunking booths are perfect for school functions, graduations, birthday parties, cororate events, and block parties.

Test your throwing skills and cool off with a dunk tank rental in Macomb, MI!

Classic Dunk Tank
Rent Classic Dunk Tank

Classic Dunk Tank

Soak your neighbors and friends as you seat them inside this dunk tank. This is a trailer mounted dunk tank that works for back yard festivities (dunk the graduate) as well as corporate events and picnics.

The Dunk Tank has always been a leading money maker at fundraisers, fairs and carnivals, or it’s just a lot of fun for any party. It’s trailer-mounted for easy transportation and sets up in two minutes without any tools. If you’re looking for a Dunk tank rental in Macomb, MI you’ve come to the right place.

Big Kahuna Splash
Rent Big Kahuna Splash

Big Kahuna Splash

  • Make a Big Splash at your next party.
  • Soak your friend or foe with this target style water game.
  • Includes target balls and stakes to secure.
  • The Big Splash is essentially a dunk tank in reverse — instead of the person falling in the water, the water falls on them!
  • The Big Splash creates a fun event which is inclusive of all – anyone who can sit under the bucket can participate!
  • Uses a standard garden hose.