Water Slide Rentals

Water Slide Rentals

Nothing beats the heat better than sliding down a colorful water slide and no one knows that better than those who have taken advantage of our low prices for our water slide rentals in Macomb, MI. Water slides add the thrilling element of water, excitement and laughter to parties and events. They make birthday parties unforgettable, fairs and carnivals to be exceptional and are the “fun” in fundraisers so that people are in the giving mood. We offer several awesome choices for water slide rentals including Blue Splash Water Slide, Green Splash Water Slide, the Circus Splash Water Slide and the popular Big Kahuna Water Slide.

16′ Wacky water sllide


16' Wacky water sllide
Rent 16' Wacky water sllide

20′ Tropical Water Slide

20' Tropical Water Slide
Rent 20' Tropical Water Slide

28′ Wild Splash Slip N Slide

28' Wild Splash Slip N Slide
Rent 28' Wild Splash Slip N Slide